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“The House-Museum Brindisi must go beyond the borders”

Source: La nuova FerraraJuly 17 2013

LIDO SPINA. Architect or artist? This is the dilemma facing Duilio Forte, a 46-year-old Milanese architect/artist who is currently at the "Remo Brindisi" Museum-House in Lido Spina for a workshop, which will end on Saturday with the inauguration of his installation, number 28 of the Sleipnir series. Yesterday we met Forte in the beautiful House-Museum, before the day began, working alongside his collaborators.

“Architecture is one of the arts - replies Forte -, like sculpture and painting. A plot, a bit like Casa Brindisi. My idea of living is to share the space, then there is also an architecture that is more building and less art, of course. Personally, I love to investigate the world of the boundary between the various arts. What is usually defined as installations are underlies forms of architecture”.

How did the relationship with Comacchio and Remo Brindisi's House-Museum begin?

“Linda contacted me (the painter's niece),we met and it was spontaneous to think of an initiative here for the summer. From there began the contact with the City of Comacchio, interested in enhancing this place, underestimated for the potential it can express. I believe that the House-Museum should have a visibility that goes well beyond the local borders”.

Which installation are you preparing for Saturday?

“The garden has not been finished and by definition is a place open to change. It can accommodate a small stage for events, attracting people as well as the people who visit the Museum. The installation is the number 28 of the Sleipnir series: at the base there is a micro-architecture that can accommodate a bar or a place for a convivial moment for guests”.

What is the Sleipnir series?

“Sleipnir is Odin's horse. Being half Swedish I have always loved the myths of the North, the fairytale world that has various representations. Sleipnir is an 8-legged horse, this one in LidoSpina will be 12 meters high: for me every occasion is good to explore this theme.”

Why do you make these works of the series in wood?

“Wood lends itself well to these great sculptures, even from a tactile point of view. I also make iron sculptures, more organic and less geometric forms, often animals. The interesting thing is that the two materials combine well”.

Often her subjects are linked to nature.

“I like to explore it in its various forms. Now we're all going back to our roots, after exaggerating in the other direction. There is no longer the need to break away from nature and respect for the environment is fundamental: but it must not be used as a commercial slogan, but as a true philosophy of life”.

“This - continues Forte - is an interesting time, the Internet and communication are much more democratic processes. Art in times of crisis can have benefits from these systems that undermine the traditional ones”.

Once the installation is finished, what is the future for the Museum?

“It would be nice to create other occasions, always with the aim of giving visibility to this place, making it part of an art network. Ours is an interesting project: it is not only about sculpture, but also the video that will be made throughout the period will have an artistic value, just as you can consider a work of art the commitment of the City in launching the project”.

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