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The road as a way of life The initiative at Remo Brindisi

Source: La nuova FerraraNovember 22 2013

LIDO ESTENSI. Today from 10 to 13 at the Remo Brindisi Cittadinanzattiva Institute there will be an initiative to raise awareness among young people on the subject of road safety, with the presentation of the project “The road as a way of life”. During the morning the following modules will be presented: Sustainable mobility reduces road risk; I active on the road; Activated on the road; Activated the road safety; I, safe on the road. The working methodology adopted is in fact the one that bases its bases on learning through experience. In addition to the technical aspect, the aim is to make future drivers aware of their responsibility to drive, also from the civil point of view, with particular reference to insurance obligations. The morning will see the intervention of Franco Sisto Malagrinò, Cittadinanzattiva; Prof. Giovanni Gelli, Coordinator of territorial assembly CA Comacchio; Renzo Colucci, expert in road safety training of the Seneca association and Simona Anzani, head of territorial Consumer Network.

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