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Remo Brindisi Museum celebrates its 40th anniversary

Source: TelestenseJuly 22 2013

It is a jewel of contemporary art that is immersed in the greenery of Lido di Spina.

It was born as a house by the sea for the painter of Comacchio origins, Remo Brindisi, who died on 25 July 1996. It was designed by a great Italian designer Marta Vigo who, after forty years, has been able to make this place a truly original museum.

To celebrate the birth of the Remo Brindisi house museum, the municipal administration of Comacchio intends to relaunch the site and make a truly magical place a destination for some artistic and cultural initiatives for the summer of 2013. The celebrations opened on Saturday 20 July with the inauguration of an atelier by the artist and architect Duilo Forte. An all-wooden work, inspired by a Swedish mythological figure: Sleipinir, Odin's eight-legged horse.

And this initiative, assures the mayor is only the starting point to relaunch the museum.

The show is repeated Thursday with a reading, at 21, dedicated to the great maestro Remo Brindisi and played by Luciano Boccacini. Followed by the piano recital of maestro Alberto Martuzzi.

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