Catalogo Generale delle opere del Maestro Roberto Crippa



(Monza 1921 - Bresso 1972)

Volume One

Catalogo Generale delle opere del Maestro Roberto Crippa, Volume OneReleased in 2007

Volume of 438 pages, format cm. 24x32.
720 b/w and color illustrations, canvas-bound cover,
over-cover in color and plastic-coated, color and plastic-coated binder set

Published in June 2007.

Cover price:
250,00 €
Best price for our customers:
210,00 €

The catalog can be purchased at the best bookstores in your city and, of course, also at the Galleria Pace S.r.l., using the contact details indicated at the bottom of the page.

Volume Two

Catalogo Generale delle opere del Maestro Roberto Crippa, Volume TwoReleased in 2013
The Master's General Catalog, second volume, published by the Pace Gallery, curated by Gimmi Stefanini and Roberto Crippa Jr. has been created, and is available in our gallery and in the best bookshops.

The Pace Gallery, in the person of President Gimmi Stefanini, Court Expert MILAN, and of the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Swiss Republic Ticino Canton (CH) LUGANO, curator and editor of the two volumes of the General Catalog of Roberto Crippa already in the library, continues under a contract of exclusive collection and filing of the artist's works of artin order to verify its authenticity and to issue relative expertise to protect the market, collectors and the name of the artist itself.

All the collected works will go to implement the General Archive of the Works of Maestro Roberto Crippa of Galleria Pace.

Catalogo CRIPPA TORINO completo

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Front page of the exhibition catalog: "Tribute to Roberto Crippa", an exhibition created by Arvedo and Gimmi Stefanini, owners of the Galleria Pacedue in Turin (then branch of the Galleria Pace sel in Milan)
on 14/4/1973 with 40 published works approx. This one year approx. since the death of Maestro Gaetano Crippa known as Roberto ( Monza1921 / Bresso 1972 )
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