Reasoned Collection of the works of the Master Renato Guttuso



(Bagheria 1912 – Roma 1987)

Reasoned Collection of the works of Maestro Renato Guttuso, examined by Gimmi Stefanini, Art Expert (CTU) of Italian and foreign courts, President of Galleria Pace - Milan, and consequent and / or possible release of the relative positive or negative expertise

The President of the Galleria Pace of Milan Gimmi Stefanini, Art Expert of the Court of MILAN (CTU n ° 7535),registered in the Role of Experts and Experts of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan No. 1241, as well as to the College of Italian Experts n 450 for the cat. 25 "Antiquities and Fine Arts", sub-cat. 3 "Modern and contemporary painting and sculpture", art expert from the Public Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Switzerland (Canton Ticino) - CH - LUGANO, he has over forty years of experience, covering about 80,000 works and more 125 auctions made of modern and contemporary Masters, national and international, as well as hundreds of editorial publications for personal and collective exhibitions, performs expertise on the works of Maestro RENATO GUTTUSO, releasing, in the case of authenticity, suitable expert certification.
In order to create, for the Pace Gallery, the reasoned collection of the Master's works.
the work and 3 professional photos in color 18x24 cm of the verse and one of the back, or alternatively high resolution JPG files, any news, provenance, publications or documentation relating to the works, will be useful (the material will not be returned).
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